Sunday, October 7, 2007

Apple Mecca

In a time where attitudes and emotions are intense between the muslim community and the west, I think to reduce conflict would be the easiest of the solutions from either side, not the other way round.

This recent building in New York that is a part of Apple

has been made the centre of attention and anger because the Apple computer company decided to name the project 'Apple Mecca'.

This article I found

Apple Store Fifth Avenue opened as a destination, a "mecca," if you will, meaning only "a place that attracts people of a particular group or with a particular interest" and we mean nothing else by the use of the word "mecca" — in fact, we're sorry we used it already.

The Apple Store Fifth Avenue opened as a destination on May 6, 2006, so it's too late to "stop the project," by which we mean no disrespect. The "Genius Bars" contained (below ground, not in the cube) within the retail store dispense Macintosh computer advice, when not being overrun with generally clueless iPod owners: NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ARE SERVED

The Apple Store Fifth Avenue is not "a new insult to Islam" nor is it "clearly meant to provoke Muslims." Instead, it is meant a paean to the cube, as the perfect form or whatever the hell, sorry... even though the perfect form is a sphere (again, we mean no disrespect to Islam

I find it ironic that the name 'Mecca' is used and yet they expect no- one to be provoked by the link.

It is ironic how they keep saying it is not meant to be an insult to islam, that muslims are not meant any disrespect yet that it is too late to stop the project or that no-one has any say or petition right.

Would it not have been obvious that any muslim who respects and loves Mecca as the main importance of their holy religion, would feel a loss of dignity and pride and feel that their place of dedication is being humiliated?

Then any complaints I have read, the reply is brought about as if the muslim community makes a big deal of things and muslims misunderstand words and meanings.

What upsets me about the situation is that the building would not have brought about any discussion if it was called anything else apart from 'Apple Mecca' because I don't believe the problem is the shape of the cube used, it is the name. The fact that they decided to call it this clearly makes me feel that they did mean insult and a rule of power over respect.

Which leaves simple questions like -

Are the west really respectful of human rights and freedom of speech? Do they do what they preach?

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